Our Story

Who We Are

Ministries Unlimited is a local food pantry serving the Triad School District communities of Troy, St. Jacob and Marine. 

We are fully supported by donations from the community churches, residents, and local businesses.  Our pantry is run by volunteers who gladly serve our patrons. 

  • Consider volunteering to help in our shop or office, maintain our building and grounds or provide home deliveries.
  • Donations of canned items, fresh produce, perishable items, personal hygiene items are also welcome.
  • Financial support of any kind is also welcome.

Our Mission

Recognizing that God has blessed us to be a blessing, Ministries Unlimited Food Pantry serves as a vehicle to share the overwhelming abundance God has showered on us with those in need in our community.  Emergency food is shared with love and respect to those who come for assistance.  It is our intention that they receive not only food for their physical hunger, but generous portions of kindness and grace to feed their spiritual and emotional hungers.  We believe the words of Jesus that this is one way we can respond directly to God’s love for us:

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.”  Matthew 25:35

Services Provided

Friday Lunch Program (STiCKs)
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Meals provided every Friday for students at CA Henning, Silver Creek Elementary, Marine Elementary, St. Jacob Elementary, and Triad Middle School who are at risk of missing meals away from school. If you are looking to contribute, please donate the following:
  • Cereal Bars
  • Honey Buns
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Mac-N-Cheese
  • Pudding Cups
  • Fruit Cups
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Beef Jerky
  • Single Serve Chips

Pantry Staples For Those In Need

Our patrons shop our shelves of over 60 different pantry staple items every two weeks.

Personal hygiene items are provided monthly during the first full two weeks of each month.

Perishable Items

We provide bacon, eggs, cheese, milk, and meat every time our patrons come to the pantry.

Fresh Produce From Community Gardens

St. John’s Methodist Church in Edwardsville provides weekly drops of fresh produce for our patrons throughout the Summer.

Local gardeners also share their over-abundance of fresh produce.

Annual Collections To Remember

Triad Middle School “Souper Bowl” drive the week before the Super Bowl.

Girl Scout April Showers for personal hygiene supplies every March.

Boy Scout Food Drive every November the Saturday before Thanksgiving.


Working With Local Businesses

Pete's Hometown Grocery

Pete's Hometown Grocery
523 Troy Plaza

Donates items twice a week to help fill our shelves, refrigerators, and freezers with a large selection of items.

Troy Foods

Troy Foods
404 US-40

Our meat locker of choice.  They provide us with our weekly meat selections and turkeys for our Christmas boxes.

Kelly's Butcher Shop

Kelly's Butcher Shop
804 S Main St

Helps us provide turkeys and hams for our Christmas boxes.

Please help support us by patronizing these local businesses.